About us

Over 37 Years of Excellent Service

B&B Trash Services started out as ​two high schoolers collecting junk in their pickup truck in 1987. It’s grown into one of Maryland’s top residential and commercial trash collection service, with more than 4,000 satisfied customers.

We know our reputation in the community depends on how we treat our customers, so we’ve stayed small and local so we can better serve you. Rain or shine, we’re out on the streets, making sure you’re taken care of.

We can handle your day-to-day residential or commercial trash collection, and we can haul away bulk pickups when you have more to collect.

To set up trash collection today, call 301-829-0165.


Protecting the environment and using goods responsibly is important to us. We’ll pick up your glass, plastic, and paper waste so it can be recycled and save resources

Yard Waste Collection

What’s the point in cleaning up your yard if the waste sits on the curb for days on end? We’ll happily collect your discarded dirt, tree branches, grass clippings, and more.

Bulk Pickup

Whether you spent the weekend cleaning out a garage full of used junk or need someone to pick up old furniture, you can call us and we’ll send a truck to come collect your bulk waste today.